Google News: how to add your site

The approach to add your site to Google News is slightly different from that to appear in normal search results. Indeed, it is necessary to respect certain criteria of layout and writing then to make a request of addition.

Set up: 5 to 10 minutes
Treatment before validation: up to 3 weeks

The criteria to be respected

The request to add your site will be subject to review by Google, so you must meet certain criteria (which are common sense) to avoid the risk of seeing your site refused.

Have a clear and readable content

That is to say to have a content that does not contain spelling or grammar mistakes and that is not invaded by advertising. In your articles you must also mention your sources if there are, date and sign them, this contributes to the clarity of the reading and the quality of the article.

Respect the freedom of others and copyrights

In your articles, you should not quote or give personal information in relation to a private person. Nor should you publish content that you do not have copyright. In case of repeated infractions, your account may be deleted.

Avoid all prohibited practices

That makes sense and yet Google the reminder. I will do the same.

We can exclude: sexual content, content that incites hatred, violence or illegal practices.

Sponsored content is prohibited.

Technical criteria

  • Article URLs must be unique and permanent
  • Links to internal articles must be in HTML
  • Your page must be in HTML
  • You should not prevent Googlebot and Googlebot-news user-agents from crawling and indexing your site

Ask to add your site

  1. Access the Google News Center for Publishers
  2. Click on Application for inclusion in the news index (you must first have added and proved that you are the owner of your site in the Search Console for it to appear).
  3. Fill out the form that appears and validate
  4. You will have an answer within three weeks


Google sources: Content Regulation | Technical Guidelines for the Index

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