Send a good quality photo by MMS

On Android, the quality of photos sent by MMS is often poor. Here's a tip for sending a good quality photo by MMS

Where does this problem come from?

The photo sent is of reduced quality because it is compressed by the SMS / MMS application on your smartphone to be lighter before being sent. It is possible to configure the size of MMS on Android or IOS. Some applications allow you to increase the maximum send size, which reduces the compression rate and therefore increases the quality of the photo. Unfortunately not all smartphones allow you to adjust this parameter.

Change the sending size on smartphones that do not offer the function to send a good quality photo by MMS

To avoid that the sent photos are blurred, it is possible to use Snapchat, WhatsApp, ... but there is also a loss of quality. Fortunately, there are several applications that allow you to send heavier photos and therefore less compressed like: Messenger, Textra, ... Personally, I use Textra (available only on Android), where it is possible to choose between several file sizes to have a higher sending quality (100 Kb, 200 Kb, 300 Kb, 600 Kb, 1000 Kb and 2000 Kb). Textra works like the original SMS/MMS applications, but with a different interface. This application has the particularity of allowing you to customize the colors, choose a different notification sound depending on the contacts, etc...

textra SMS - send a good quality photo by MMS

It is important to know that the operators also limit the maximum size of the shipments. So you have to choose the appropriate size in the application. With Bouygues and SFR the limit is 600 Kb, the same with Orange. With Free mobile, the limit seems to be set at 600 Kb. These values may vary depending on the offers. If you don't know what the maximum size allowed by your operator is, you can try to choose a high enough size and send a picture. If it is too large, the upload will fail.

The application of Google messages is also very good. Its interface is more similar to the classic interfaces. The presentation is sober, simple, which is nice to see. It is also possible to have access to your conversations from a computer. A dark theme is also available. In addition, there are many settings to customize it. Again, the notification ringtone can be different depending on your contacts. Using this application, you don't have to make any settings, you can send a good quality photo by MMS directly.

Do not hesitate, if you have a question, to ask it in the comments.

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Nerozzi Olivier
Nerozzi Olivier
3 years ago

Why do you want the size limit of MMS to be 300kb at Orange? It is 600ko, with the internet it is however easy to learn correctly!

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