About Current Trends

Current Trends is above all a human adventure started in 2012. Our mission is to share with you our discoveries and our learning in various fields, to contribute together to a simpler, more practical, healthy and human world. We explore exciting themes such as technology, ecology, training, finance, education, spirituality, personal development, health and practical life.

Who is Current Trends for?

We want to reach a wide audience, especially those looking to learn, enrich themselves or evolve. Whether you are a student, young entrepreneur, busy parent or simply curious, you are welcome on Current Trends.

Current Trends: a unique media

What differentiates us from other media is the uniqueness of our content. At Current Trends, we don't try to blindly follow current trends. On the contrary, we let our inspiration and our discoveries guide the subjects we address. The content we offer is a reflection of our own evolutions, learnings and life paths. We are convinced that this authentic and spontaneous approach is what makes our media rich and creates a real connection with you, our readers.

The Current Trends team

We are three passionate authors, sharing our interests with you. Romain, the founder and webmaster, focuses on topics related to computing, technology, finance, health and practical life. Matheo explores technology, ecology, education and health, while Sorelle looks at education, spirituality, communication, psychology and love.

Our values and our editorial approach

At Current Trends, we cultivate values of benevolence, advice, help, sharing and transparency. Our authors are free to choose their subjects, and make sure to offer singular, original and spontaneous content. We attach great importance to the quality, clarity and verifiability of our sources. Our content is primarily in the form of articles, and we prioritize quality over quantity.

Interact with us

Your comments are valuable to us! Feel free to share your thoughts under each article, contact us via social media or our Contact form, or to ask us questions and let us know your suggestions for improvement. We respond to all comments and are also present on Twitter. Reader comments are moderated to ensure an enriching and respectful space. We value interaction with our readers and welcome your feedback.

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Do not miss any of our publications by subscribing to our newsletter. In general, a new article is published every week. Stay informed and receive our latest findings, thoughts and advice straight to your inbox.

Support Current Trends

Your support is essential to allow us to continue to offer you quality content. You can support our media by subscribing to the newsletter, by following us on social networks, by making donations on our account Tipeee or PayPal, or by making purchases via the Amazon links present in some of our articles. Every gesture counts and helps us to perpetuate our media and to remunerate our authors.

Funding and partnerships

Funding for our media comes mainly from advertising and specific partnerships, in addition to your donations. We regularly highlight emerging brands or products that resonate with us, such as online stores of organic products, shoe brands made entirely of recycled materials, cryptocurrencies or platforms to earn money.

Future of Current Trends

Our ambition is to perpetuate our media and to remunerate each of our authors. With this in mind, we are working on a new version of the site which will soon be available and which will allow better interaction with you, our readers. This more dynamic version will facilitate exchanges and allow you to become more involved in the life of our media.

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