Tune Music: the free Spotify version

Tune Music is a site similar to Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, and #8230, it allows to listen to many music.

Note: Since August 2018 Kickass Music has become Tune Music.
The name has been updated in this article to maintain consistency and comprehensibility.
Learn more about the name change

What is so special about Tune Music?

The advantage of this platform is that there is no paid subscription. No advertising disturbs you while listening to songs. Indeed, the site is funded by advertisements that appear on the interface of the site or application.

kickass music interface

What is Tune Music worth?

After a short use, I find it rather promising. Indeed, being able to listen to music without being interrupted is convenient. The web interface is intuitive, quite simple to assimilate. To work Tune Music uses music from YouTube without having ads. On the site, the video clip is visible, there is also possibility to display the lyrics of the music (not available on the application). At the application level, there are some points to improve but it's not bad. When the screen is locked, you can not see the music currently playing, pause or change the song. Unfortunately, the offline mode does not exist on the application and the site, which is quite a shame.

In the end Tune Music is a good discovery. It is a good alternative to other music applications. Some modifications will be necessary but it is very promising.

Tune Music uses BeMusic, a service that allows you to create your own music streaming platform. Other sites also use BeMusic and therefore work in the same way and are similar. This is the case for example of the site DzMusik.

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1 year ago

Kickass Music does not seem compatible with SONOS & #8230;

mehdi belkadi
7 months ago

you can also use our site dzmusik.com

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