Audials Tunebite: Record Deezer, Spotify, Play Music

Audials Tunebite is a software capable of capturing audio and video streams. It can be very useful for recording music from Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music and many others & #8230; The method used by the software is entirely legal since it is not a download of music on the platforms above, but simply an audio capture. Like the tape recordings of our good old days. Software Overview & #8230;

What is Audials Tunebite?

As explained above, Audials Tunebite is a program for capturing audio and video streams from any source, even protected ones such as: Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc. & #8230;

It should be noted that there are two versions:

  • Audials Tunebite Premium: only records audio streams
  • Audials Tunebite Platinum: records audio and video streams

At the legal level, this software is completely legal since it does not download original audio or video files, it simply makes a capture. This practice is allowed in France and can not be detected.

Audials Tunebite vs Audacity

One might wonder what Audials Tunebite brings to Audacity (for audio recording only), which allows you to record and work with digital sounds, and ultimately gives you the same result.

Even if it uses the same capture method as Audacity, Audials Tunebite is distinguished by the automation of tasks. Indeed the software automatically cuts the pieces, it tages them based on the information given by the site of the audio source (deezer, spotify, etc.), it adds the jacket and the name of the final file. It is then possible to convert files in almost any format.

Audials Tunebite: to a media library

The software does not just stop at the first step which is the audio acquisition. The software then serves as audio and video file manager, it replaces the Windows Media Player that everyone knows and offers a simple and neat interface to listen to or play media files from your PC.

Download software

The software is unfortunately not free but you can test it with the trial version:

And if you ever want to buy a license, know that the keys are often on sale. At the time of writing the article, Tunebite Premium is at 20th and Tunebite Platinium at 30th

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Super range of software. Thanks for the article 🙂

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