TimeJump: send messages in the future

Have you ever forgotten to wish a happy birthday to a friend? If so, thanks to TimeJump, it will not happen to you anymore.

What is the purpose of TimeJump?

TimeJump is an application to send messages, photos, videos or voice messages to his friends but with the particularity of being able to choose the date and time at which your friends can open the message. The opening time to choose is between 24 seconds and 24 years. Moreover, as often, it is possible to make groups to send messages to each other. This application is the culmination of 3 years of work by members of the Youtube channel « The Armadillo", Composed of 4 members.

It can have various uses, for example, send a message in advance for a birthday to be sure not to forget it.

TimeJump app login page
Page that appears when you start TimeJump

The interface is a bit like that of Snapchat, the application is not difficult to take in hand. First of all, to be able to use it, you have to create an account. For this, it is mandatory, at least for now, to enter his phone number, his name and his username.

Time remaining TimeJump app
Screenshot showing the time remaining before you can open a message

When receiving a message, the remaining time is displayed before you can open it (as in the photo above). For the moment, the functionality is quite limited. You can write text on photos, videos and voice messages, choosing the color but in the limit of 240 words, which is already sufficient but there is no possibility to choose the location of the text.

Available on Android and IOS

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1 year ago

At least with that we will have more excuse for birthdays. thanks for the discovery

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