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Etika's goal is simple: change the DNA of the current economic system to make it more ethical, more responsible, more ecological, more social. etika proposes you to create the largest citizen investment fund, for this you need 500 000 minimum supports. No appeal for donations. Beat the counter 😉

We live in a world governed by money. It is therefore difficult to find a place, to be heard or to change the system without substantial financial support. In summary, the key logic to success in this system is that the more money you can invest, the more money you invest, the more money you can make, and the more you can influence things on a large scale.

The choices of society, the products, the offers, their quality, all this is directly influenced by the money. So difficult of our small position of make things happen.

Some start-ups tend to change society by offering products and services that are more respectful of the environment, more respectful of the wallet, more respectful of employees and more respectful of competing companies. Despite this, it is difficult to dislodge the multinationals that crush small businesses by imposing their products at lower cost by proposing carcinogenic products, of bad quality, or destructive for the environment, and by not respecting the conditions of work or under paying the manpower.

This is where Étika comes in.

What is Etika? What are the issues ?

etika is a platform that aims to bring the people together and ultimately become a huge citizen investment fund.

The Etika project is carried by a handful of anonymous citizens. We do not represent any company, foundation, or political party. We are a think tank that dreams of another world, a better world. A more breathable, cleaner, more ethical, more humanized, more supportive world.

Etika will be an opportunity for citizens to choose the society of tomorrow.

A VISION Promoting the idea of a citizen community that wants to use its consumer decision power to radically change the paradigm. HOW? By channeling this power, monetizing it, capitalizing it and investing it in the first ethical consumer fund. An activist fund, a fund that will invite us to the other democracy, that of the boards of directors. Where everything is decided, where we will impose our ethical, social, solidarity and ecological values.
The Étika vision (extracted from the Facebook page)

Etika, how does it work?

The principle is simple. We start from scratch we have nothing, but do not worry everything is planned 😉

Step 1 & #8211; Gather the citizens

This step is the most important because it is the driving force behind everything that follows. The goal is to make Etka a key pillar in the economic marketplace. Etika must have a quite significant impact force.

For this reason, the first step is already bring people together and get the most registrations (support) possible on the site. It is therefore important to share and explain this project in your environment.

When the number of participants is large enough, an engaged consumer association will be created.

Step 2 & #8211; Get investment funds

When the number of participants is large enough, the goal is to call for tenders to raise start-up capital where large companies are involved. They will be constrained by the law of supply and demand and Etika will demand from them an ethical and independent label and money. Normally large companies should bend, if they want to win the group loyalty of all citizens of the project (that's why the number of participants is important). Etika will then provide services to all registered citizens for which Etika will have partnerships.

Thus, the more support for the Etika project, the greater the impact of the large groups, the larger the partnership offers, the more important the fundraising will be. The funds raised will be the property of the citizens committed participants in this project / association.

We propose to launch tenders for a first group of large specific companies such as banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, payment cards, telecom operators, internet operators, search engines ... we will negotiate our group loyalty against an independent label and against cash. We will select our official partners among the highest bidders. The more we are, the more our citizen auctions will reach new heights. A sensible way to unlock take-off funding at the first Ethics Fund for Consumers. This dedicated ethical fund will be 100 % citizen property

Step 3 & #8211; Invest

The purpose of this last step is toinvest in a parallel economy (banks, insurance companies, mutual insurance companies, payment cards, telephone / internet operators, search engines) more ethical, more ecological, more social, where unnecessary intermediaries will be deleted. A portion of the profits from "sold" products and services will be reinvested in companies that favor short financial circuits. And the rest of the profits will be reinjected into other investment projects that the adherent citizens are free to choose.

The long-term project is thus take and surrender to citizens the power of decision savings and investment, but are not currently in the hands of citizens.

Summary of the three main steps

1 Our contracts against cash to finance the start of the first Ethics Fund for consumers. How to negotiate our subscription contracts to the highest bidder? Everything will depend on our ability to mobilize against multinationals. Banks, Insurance, mutual insurance, credit card, Telecom, ISP, search engine, Energy ... The highest bidders will become our official partners. With specific rights and duties From 500,000 registered consumers we start to be credible ... At 1 million we listen ... At 2 million we panic. From 4 we panic. 2 Our Ethical Consumer Fund takes majority stakes in the capital of a distribution group before changing its DNA. First objective: We convert purchases into retirement savings and immediately into investments. "I consume so I save so I invest." We will build a self-powered financial short circuit. Without speculation, without financial markets and therefore without intermediaries (after a short transition phase). 3 The distribution group is no longer an independent profit center. It becomes property of the citizen. Its primary purpose is to monetize the decision-making power of the consumer. The Consumer Ethics Fund takes shares in the capital of the official partners and then of the suppliers of the newly acquired distribution group. At the same time, we will spread our independent and systemic label. An ethical, social and ecological label.
The three main stages of the project (from the site)

How to help Étika get started?

Etika does not appeal for donations. This is not the purpose of this project. For this project to work, it is necessary in the first place not money but a massive gathering of citizens.

The first thing to do is to go to the Etika website and register: project registration page (completely free, at no time money will be requested)

To help Etika you must also have a good communication. Sharing by social networks and by word of mouth are great assets, simple but functional.


From my point of view, this project can be a solution to many societal and environmental problems. If the project is still a little vague on the concrete actions that will be carried out, Etika remains nevertheless a very audacious and feasible project.

However it is not won yet. I have been on the Facebook page and the Etika website for a few months and I can see that the number of registrants is struggling to increase. People do not seem to be concerned about social issues, or maybe they do not have time to get involved.

The action is simple and fast, just register on the site and raise awareness around it. No donations will be requested. Good thought to all 😉

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