Ecosia clothing: a gift for nature

The eco-responsible search engine EcoSia goes into the sale with his clothes Ecosia, where all the profits go into tree planting.

ecosia clothes

Ecosia expands its environmental action

As a reminder, EcoSia is a search engine fighting against deforestation. For that he pays 80% of his profits created thanks to his search engine in the plantations of trees, all over the world.

Today it is the clothing market that this company is attacking because it launches an online store selling clothes where the full benefits are paid in the tree plantation.

Ecosia clothes

The Ecosia shop is available at this address:

Only a few clothes are available at the moment:

  • tee-shirts and tops : 21,50 euros the unit, the profits are used to plant 20 trees by clothing
  • sweaters : 39 euros per unit, profits are used to plant 20 trees
  • hoodies : 44.50 euros per unit, profits are used to plant 11 trees.

Note: One wonders why the sweater that is more expensive is used to plant fewer trees

Eco-responsible production

Organic cotton is the raw material of Ecosia clothing. This cotton is worked in one place. Spinning, dyeing, weaving, cutting and sewing are done in one and the same factory. This saves installation and staff, and limits the flow of the product. Indeed, there is only one actor for the manufacture. In addition, renewable energies feed the plant.

The paint system requires water. That is why they set up a system of recovery and filtration of water through a very fine sand filter, before putting it in the circuit.

The products are then transported by boat to reduce pollution, compared to the plane that pollutes more.

More information on manufacturing:


The initiative is great! Nevertheless, the diversity of clothing is a little weak and I find it unfortunate that the logo of the brand is displayed very prominently on most clothes. I think there are other reasons that might encourage people to buy and do a good deed.

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20 € offered on your French organic products

Get 20 € discount on your French organic products

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