Blu: the free mobile package 100%

Blu is a free 100% mobile plan, fully funded by advertising. Like most mobile plans, Blu offers calls, SMS / MMS, and 4G unlimited. What allow many phone users to save money and round the end of the month.

How does Blu work?

The principle is simple. You accumulate points (called éclairs) thanks to the Blu mobile application. You can then use these lightning bolts to make calls, send SMS / MMS, or surf the internet. The use of Blu points can only be done after inserting a Blu SIM card, available free of charge. It's akin to a prepaid card that you can top up with the points you earn.

How to earn points ?

There are several ways to earn lightning. The first, the least restrictive and certainly the least profitable is to activate the display of advertising on the lock screen of your smartphone. This saves a flash for a displayed advertisement. The second is very profitable but difficult to implement, you have to sponsor your relatives so that they too use the application. Every time a sponsor signs up and uses Blu (SIM card inserted in their phone) for the first time, you get 2000 lightning bolts. You can also watch advertisements for 4 éclairs. A final method allows you to earn a few hundred points by sharing applications.

Is it profitable?

The concept is ingenious, but in practice it's a different story. Here is a summary of the prices:

  • 1 minute call = 16 points
  • 1 SMS = 8 points
  • 1 MMS = 16 points
  • 1 MB of internet = 16 points

There are also packs (called Booster) that are more profitable but more expensive and therefore longer to get. See details on the information sheet.

In view of the prices, you might as well say that it will not be easy to use your plan without limit.

How to receive his Blu SIM?

For any use of Blu it is necessary to create an account. Unlike other mobile plans on the market, registration is done from an application available only on Android. When creating your account, the application asks you whether or not you want to keep your old number. If this is the case, you must obtain and provide your RIO (Operator Identity Statement) by calling 3179 (for any operator in France). With or without number portability, you will receive a Blu SIM card within a few days.

Download Blu on Android

Good plan or not?

I tried a few days and gave up. I make a lot of calls and the number of lightning bolts doesn't increase that fast. Even with little excessive use of the package, it seems difficult to me not to struggle to have credit.

The best possible plan would be to have a phone with two SIM cards to have both a SIM card with an inexpensive plan without an internet connection, and a Blu SIM card for internet use. After all depends on how you use your smartphone, it's up to you 😉

Source: Official site

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