Ecosia: the green search engine

Use a search engine and be ecological at the same time? This is what the Ecosia search engine offers. The principle is simple, the search engine uses its income to invest in planting trees.

Ecosia: put an end to deforestation

Ecosia is a small company of 25 people founded in 2009 and based in Germany. It is the first search engine in the world to offer this concept. The goal of the operation is to fight against deforestation by mobilizing Internet users.

Ecosia invests 80% of its surpluses

The principle is simple, the company has an income every month. From this income, Ecosia removes the operating expenses (salary of the employees, social charges, and all that is running costs of the company). Ecosia then removes the costs of communication (communication is used to make themselves known and gain momentum at the global level). From what remains (called the surplus), the company pays 80% to finance the planting of trees around the world. For example, last March, Ecosia financed the planting of almost a million trees in total: Burkina Faso, Indonesia and Madagascar.

Ecosia transparent above all

At first, it is important to win the trust of Internet users who may doubt the good faith of the company. That's why it is possible to find detailed financial reports and tree planting reports around the world every month on the site.

Why invest in trees?

As the company says on its website, trees help maintain biodiversity. Indeed, they are home to many species necessary for the balance of nature. The trees filter the air, they are the ones that allow to have clean and pure air. Trees have many other virtues and are indispensable to the balance of the planet.

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