The video that can save the climate

The climate has reached a critical state. It is urgent to take action ! Yououtubers have created a place for sharing and information to raise awareness and take action.

There is still time to act

Several associations, alternative media and citizen groups set up the site This tool centralizes a good deal of information on the climate. There are among other things petitions, rallies, eco-gestures.

The main goal is to inform and educate citizens by helping to take part in environmental issues, alone or in groups. This involves changing small daily habits, to participating in actions or movements to defend certain causes.

Actions for the environment are diverse and varied. We all know that it is not possible to act globally on the environment. But all small actions are good to take. This is why the site allows all people wishing to do an action for the environment to take part as they can. With its means and its time, on the internet or “in real life”.

Support of Youtubeurs

The “There is still time” initiative is supported by many YouTubers

Video presentation & #8211; It is still time

Participate and share

The environment is an issue that we can no longer neglect today. We have reached a stage where the state is critical and it is now, more than ever, that we must change our consumption habits, and support the actions of associations to hope to keep a livable Earth, for us and for generations to come.

Whether you are students, workers, retirees, I invite you ALL to visit this site and take part in small local actions. These actions, however insignificant they may be in your eyes, are in fact setting up a fairer and more ECOLOGICAL system even if it takes time. In addition, they are HUMAN EXPERIENCES that bring people TOGETHER and WELD together around common goals. It can only be enriching 😉

Share the video or article as much as possible, that's how we'll get things done 😉

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About the Author

I'm very interested in technology, music, environmental issues, and various other subjects. By developing the Current Trends media, my goal is to share with you my knowledge, my discoveries and my tips on the various subjects that fascinate me. Leave me comments, they help me improve and are always appreciated.

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