Flamant Paris: solidarity through clothing

Flamant Paris is a clothing brand for men, women and children, created in 2017 in France. This brand offers different products (t-shirt, sweatshirt, accessories, ...) of a quality made in France with organic cotton. The will of Flamant Paris is to reinvent urban styles by respecting the will of the customers. The different products are available in several colors.

Here is an example of a t-shirt

What makes the difference Flamant Paris?

The brand Flamant Paris is also a humanitarian action. Indeed, in alliance with associations, a portion of the profits is donated in order to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people around the world, particularly in Africa. The Flamant Paris team acts mainly by distributing foodstuffs, school supplies and toys. For each item purchased, 1 item and 1 meal are offered to a child in the world.

Children who received Flamant Paris t-shirts
Children who received Flamant Paris t-shirts

What are the prices ?

The price of men's and women's t-shirts is 29.90 € and for children (up to 15 years old) 14.90 €. Men's and women's sweatshirts 69.90 €. As for them, the caps cost 34.90 € or 39.90 € depending on the model. It costs 5.90 € shipping for an order less than 200 €. Admittedly, it is quite expensive, without being excessive, but since these are products made in France added to the fact that each purchase contributes to a humanitarian action, it is worth it to order.

For more information :

link to their website: http://flamant-paris.com/

their account Snapchat and Instagram: flamantparis


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