FinalWipe: the reusable disinfectant wipe

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This year, the creator of FinalStraw and her team return with a new project: FinalWipe. Last year, I wrote a article that featured FinalStraw, the reusable stainless steel straw. This straw project had been a success, funded by Kickstarter more than 38,000 donors had contributed just under 1,900,000 $.

What is FinalWipe?

FinalWipe est une lingette faite en fibres de bambou de haute qualité. Elle remplace les lingettes nettoyantes jetables, les essuie-tout, les serviettes en papier, coton, … Les lingettes FinalWipes sont infusées avec des ions d’argent, ce qui les rend antibactérinnes, et peuvent être utilisées humides ou secs. Cette lingette est donc anti-microbe, très absorbante, réutilisable de nombreuses fois, durable, douce et elle va à la machine à laver. La lingette FinalWipe est nettoyante, désinfectante, lavable donc réutilisable.

FinalWipe will be available in 5 colors: white, gray, pink-purple, blue and black.

Launched on Kickstarter on March 31, 2020, the project reached its funding goal in less than 8 hours. This speed shows the will of people to have sustainable solutions to reduce the ecological impact.

Daily cleaning of busy surfaces can prevent the spread of germs and infections. Thanks to its disinfectant wipes, you can clean door handles, chairs, your phone, taps, light switches, joysticks for video game consoles, etc.

Their mission

As the designer, Emma Rose Cohen put it, "Final's mission is to allow people to say they don't use single-use products and replace them with innovative and practical reusable solutions. We hope that FinalWipe reduce waste from single-use products and educate people about reusable solutions. "

FinalWipe is a good environmental alternative. In fact, the Americans throw away the equivalent of 51,000 trees in paper towels and 25,000 in toilet paper per day. Using FinalWipe wipes saves trees and avoids waste.

How does it work ?

Lorsque vous achetez un pack FinalWipe, vous recevez des lingettes réutilisables, des “Cleantabs” ce sont des pastilles qui serviront par la suite, ainsi qu’une boite pour mettre les lingettes. Il existe deux packs. Le premier, pour la maison, contient une boite de rangement, 10 chiffons anti-microbes et 5 CleanTabs. Le deuxième, pour les voyages, contient une boite de voyage, qui est plus petite et plus pratique à emmener, 5 chiffons et 5 CleanTabs. La boite voyage contient 3 compartiments : 1 pour les lingettes propres, 1 pour les sales et un avec un vaporisateur pour la solution CleanTab.La boite de rangement pour la maison et celle pour les voyages sont toutes les deux faites en plastique recyclé.

Steps for using FinalWipe. 1- Combine 1 CleanTab with water in the box and allow the tablet to dissolve. 2- Put the wipes to soak in the disinfectant solution. 3- Clean the desired surfaces. 4- Wash the wipes in the washing machine.

To be able to use these wipes, there are 2 very simple steps to follow. First, put a tablet in the box with water, it will then dissolve. Then just let the wipes soak in the disinfectant solution. The composition of the tablet is not yet final, so it is not yet disclosed. However, it will be a non-toxic, plastic-free disinfectant tablet.

After that, all you have to do is use the wipes to clean whatever you want. Once your wipes are dirty, you must wash them by putting them in the washing machine, to be able to reuse them by repeating the same operation.

When will FinalWipe be available?

The project was launched on Kickstarter on March 31, 2020 for 45 days. The objective of 50,000 $ harvested is already exceeded so it is certain that the project will see the light of day.
On May 15, fundraising for the project will end. The product design will be finalized and in the process, production will start.
In June there will be a production quality test.
Finally, in August, FinalWipes will be shipped.

You can pre-order on Kickstarter then you will receive your FinalWipe in August. Orders on their site will be available shortly.

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About the Author

My name is Mathéo, currently a STAPS license student, I am committed to the cause of environmental protection. I hope that by writing articles that present new things, I will be able to help you to reduce your ecological footprint.

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