Goodeed: 5 years later, what is the balance sheet?

The free gift site Goodeed celebrates its 5th anniversary, it is an opportunity to take stock of its results.

What is Goodeed?

Created in 2014 by Vincent Touboul Flachair, Goodeed is a French platform that makes donations but without the need to pay. The principle is simple: just watch advertising videos. Donations can be made in many areas: poverty, education, environment, health and human rights. At most, 3 advertisements can be viewed per day, 60% of the generated money are donated to the partner association to finance a project chosen by the user, 30% are used for the operation of the company and the remaining 10% serve to promote their project.

Their goal is as they say to "empower anyone to act and contribute to a better world". Most of the world's donors (70%) are over 50 years old. With Goodeed, the age barrier is broken. Indeed, donors have 80% between 18 and 35 years. In addition, 70% donators made their first donation to Goodeed.


Since its creation, what has been done?

Since its inception, Goodeed has raised € 719,369 for a total of about 20 million free donations. Currently, 63 associations are supported by these funds. In addition, the number of members is growing and is close to 300,000, since there are 297,400 members. For example, in 2017, the 11 million donations (in total) were reached for a sum of 222 000 €. Since 2014, more than 140 projects have been funded (140,000 trees planted with WeForest, 130,000 vaccinations with UNICEF, & #8230;). The realized projects are on the 5 continents, so they touch all the globe. The advantage is that Goodeed is transparent, it is possible to see all the projects realized, their costs, etc; as well as donation certificates. See the complete project file. Currently, the team of this start-up is composed of 15 people.

Gooded has grown significantly in recent years, the current record is very positive, many projects have been made. We must continue this way, it is a good way to donate when we do not necessarily have the means or the necessary age.

In addition, it is possible to download the Goodeed app free of charge so you can do your 3 daily donations and do a good daily action. It does not take much time and it's worth it.

If you want more information, you can go see their site on which there is a lot of information. At the same time, you can, if you wish, also try to make donations.

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