Spam on mobile phone: how to fight

How to react to spam? Here's what to do. It is not uncommon to receive SMS, or voice messages (on the answering machine) like "Hello! EDF service! Please call 0 800 xxx xxx to resolve a billing issue. People thinking that it is EDF, call this number which is overtaxed. In reality, it is not EDF but a SPAM. It is to signal such messages that the service SMS spam has been created.

In case of advertising spam

You think the SMS you received is an advertisement? It is surely a society that sent it to you. It is not necessary to report this message as "SPAM". Just reply to the message STOP so that the sender removes your details from his database. Normally, you will receive a message confirming your unsubscription. If you want to know the contact details of the customer service of the company that sent you a message, please reply to the CONTACT message. You will then receive a message back, along with contact information. The sending of the message STOP or CONTACT is not surcharged. These devices only work with the senders so the number is composed of 5 digits and starts with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. The STOP function only desks you from the sender to whom you sent the message STOP .

In case of abusive spam

Do you receive messages prompting you to call back a number (which you do not know)? A company, which you can not unsubscribe with the STOP function, sends you advertisements in an abusive way? So you're probably dealing with crooks. These encourage people who receive their messages to call a premium rate number. If you call this number or send a message, you will see your consumption credit decrease very quickly. The "crooks" will thus earn a portion of the credit that has been debited. To report a fraudulent SMS, simply transfer it to 33700. You must transfer the message as you received it. You will then receive an SMS from 33700, asking you to indicate which number sent you the fraudulent message. Reply with only the sender number. You will then receive another SMS from 33700 informing you that the report has been completed. To report a fraudulent voicemail message, send by SMS to 33700: spamvocal followed by the number to report. Example: spamvocal 08 99 13 21 34 You will then receive a message telling you that the report has been completed.

Following the reports, actions are taken by the operators, with the shippers concerned.

Source: SMS Spam service (AFMM association)

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