Root Samsung Galaxy J5 SM-J530F Android 8.1.0 Oreo Without Flashing

Samsung Root Galaxy J5 SM-J530F Android 8.1.0 Oreo. This method gives full access to the root, without flashing the ROM

To root similar models SM-J530GSM-J530GMSM-J530YSM-J530YM.


  1. You use this method at your own risk. Neither me nor Current Trends can be held responsible for any damage to your smartphone.
  2. Using incorrect files can damage your smartphone.
  3. The process of rooting can result in the total deletion of your data. So remember to back up your important data
  4. If your device has a modified firmware counter, rooting will activate it. You can reset the counter to zero with the Triangle Away app, if it supports your device
  5. For KNOX compatible devices (function that guarantees the integrity of the device), rooting will activate the KNOX WARRANTY VOID status (= KNOX WARRANTY CANCELED), this means that the KNOX function will no longer ensure the integrity of your smartphone: learn more
  6. If your device's storage space is encrypted, rooting will erase all your data, remember to back it up
  7. If you have locked bootloaders, flashing one can damage your device. more informations

Follow the instructions below carefully. Take time. Inquire if you have any doubts. Good unclamping 😉


Install TWRP and the Samsung Root Galaxy J5 SM-J530F Android 8.1.0 Oreo

Install and start TWRP

  1. Make sure your phone is not locked by RMM.
  2. Then, on PC, open the ODIN software
  3. In Option, tick F.Reset Time only and disable Auto-Reboot.
  4. In Files Download check AP and select the path to the TWRP file .tar
  5. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy and open the Download Mode or ODIN Mode: to enter the Download Mode press and hold the Volume Less + Home buttons, then while holding down these buttons, hold down the Power button. Release all buttons when Download mode or Odin mode appears.
  6. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy to your PC with a USB cable and press the Volume Plus button.
  7. On the PC, the Odin software will automatically detect the port of your device. Once your device is detected, click on Start, then wait for the operation to take place.
  8. On your smartphone, to exit Download mode and enter TWRP Recovery mode: hold down the Volume Minus + Home and Power buttons, then immediately press the Volume Plus button when the screen is blank while holding down the Home and Power buttons . Release all buttons when TWRP Recovery mode appears.

Set up the rootage

  1. Once TWRP is started, decrypt the data partition, click Wipe> Format Data, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. WARNING!!! Do not restart your smartphone until you have installed RMM Bypass, otherwise the RMM security will be automatically triggered
  3. When the data partition decryption is finished, return to the TWRP home screen and install no-verity opt-encrypt and RMM Bypass zip (click Install and select each zip to install)
  4. In the same way, install Magisk: click on Install and select Magisk
  5. Finally, to restart your phone: go back to the TWRP home page, click on Reboot> System. Android may take a long time to launch, don't worry, don't touch any buttons and wait. You then arrive on the Android configuration menu 😉

If for some reason you cannot install TWRP after several tries and different methods, here is more information on installing TWRP. Otherwise you can also try to flash the ROM directly: How to flash the ROM on the SM-J530F (tutorial in English).

Sources: and xda-developers forum

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1 year ago

Hello, I am stuck at the step to start the routing. is the wipe data really the wipe/data factory reset please?

Good day

1 year ago

Hello again,*Also for this part:
“When data partition decryption is complete, go back to TWRP home screen and install no-verity opt-encrypt and RMM Bypass zip (click Install and select each zip to install them)”
I don't see where to go. Can you help me please

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