For or against the time change? Vote before March 3

The change of time is more and more questioned. That is why the European Commission asks the opinion of its citizens through a vote

Info: after the survey launched by the European Commission in 2018, a new poll was created by the National Assembly on February 4, 2019. Given the circumstances, I therefore allowed myself to rewrite this article to allow you to have access to new information and not to get tangled up brushes. Have a good reading 😉

Different arguments

Many arguments are in favor or against the change of time. 

The argument that gave rise to the time change for the first time in 1975 are energy savings. Indeed by adjusting the hours we avoid living too out of sync with the light. This reduces the energy consumption due to lighting and heating. Since this argument has often been questioned.

Other opinions are in favor of removing the change of time. For example, there is talk of disturbing the internal clock of the body at each time change. Which causes sleep disorders and insomnia. 

It is also a change of lifestyle: when we go into winter time, we wait less because it is dark an hour earlier.

Where to vote?

You will not need to go to vote because it is a kind of survey done through an online form.

All reviews are good to take, whether you are for or against the time change, or undecided. Indeed all the possible answers are present in the survey form. You can also indicate whether you prefer to keep summer time or winter time!

Form of the European Commission (survey completed since August 16, 2018): Here is the form available on the official website of the European Union: online public consultation on the time change
Hurry to make your opinion heard, you only have until August 16 😉

New poll by the National Assembly (valid until March 3 midnight):

This new survey also adds the possibility of indicating which time zone Metropolitan France must choose (UTC + 0, UTC + 1, UTC + 2)


I find the initiative very promising. For once, the opinion of the "people" is important. Nevertheless, I have some doubts about the accuracy of the results since people can vote as many times as they want as long as they have an email address different from the previous one. (edit: no email address is requested in the new survey).

After that, it is still a survey and the opinions are therefore taken for information purposes rather than for the purpose of quantifying the number of for or against. Therefore, there should be no significant difference in the decision that will be made as a result of this survey.

It is to be hoped that this kind of approach will be followed to take further action, and perhaps states will also be inspired by it.

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yes to keep winter time in France

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yes keep winter time please

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