The Prince: for a couscous in Challans

It's when we arrive on Challans, a small town with a cheerful air, that we take the envy of a couscous. We did not take a long time to find a restaurant specializing in this area. An address: The Prince

Update March 10, 2019: The Prince is closed for unknown reasons, the restaurant will be sold and may not be resumed

Our visit at The Prince

Located in the center of Challans, Le Prince restaurant is run by a very warm gentleman.

After trying to contact the restaurant for information, we came across the answering machine. To my surprise, the restaurant manager contacted us as soon as he could, a few minutes later. He then guided us in Challans towards his restaurant.

During the meal, he came several times to ask us everything that went well and came to take an interest in us, without being too oppressive.

The proposals of the restaurant

The dishes are to taste on the spot or to take away. For couscous, there is a wide choice that should satisfy a wide audience: the specialty "The Prince", mechoui, kebabs, lamb, chicken, merguez, kefta or vegetarian.

The restaurant also offers tajines: lamb, chicken or kefta.

As an accompaniment, you can choose a wine from different origins: Algeria, Tunisia or Morocco. There are also other less traditional alcohols, or soft drinks.

For dessert, The Prince offers tea, fruit salads, oriental pastries or ice cream.

The atmosphere and the decor

Directly upon entering, a bar-counter serves as home. Tables for eating on site are arranged on each side.

The restaurant is dressed in oriental style, which includes the decoration but also the background music. In addition, a television broadcasts videos of oriental dances.

As for tables and dishes, everything is done to keep the tradition. Forget the glasses and plates of big production, here the ornaments are almost unique and will make you travel.

Good plan ?

For not saying that good of this restaurant, I can not fault this restaurant. I had a real crush on this restaurant and its manager. As far as fares are concerned, they are largely affordable. And you will make your meal profitable, given the large amount of food served. The atmosphere makes traveling and it is amazing to see how we can detach from reality, by becoming aware of our little life at the exit of the restaurant.


For more information :

Phone : 06 62 33 04 68

Address: 1 Rue de Bois de Cene, 85300 Challans


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