Closure of Famicity, the online family tree

Unfortunately the family tree platform has recently closed. Since November 1, the site and the application are no longer available. It is the end of Famicity after 10 years of existence. Their free will was not enough.

Can we recover his personal data?

Yes, by going to the site Famicity, there is the possibility to make a request to recover your data. Then just enter the email address of your account. An email will then be sent to you within 24 hours with a download link.

What was Famicity for?

Famicity was a social network dedicated to the family. It allowed to make his family tree. It was possible to invite family members to join their personal network by creating an account. Famicity made it possible to share photos and others with his family. When it was the birthday of a family member, you received an email. The advantage of this platform was that it displayed great confidentiality. The profiles were accessible only by members of his family tree. Another point, it undertook not to distribute your personal data and your photos with a very strict confidentiality charter. In addition, Famicity was free.

What alternatives?

Some platforms offer pretty much the same features as Hellotipi or Genoom but the opinions concerning them diverge. So the choice of the alternative depends on what you want to do. If you want to make your family tree MyHeritage is very good. The disadvantage is that some features are paying. However, today is difficult to find a totally free site. If you really want a family social network, then opt for a platform like FamilyWall.

Bescrib is also an alternative that you can choose, many features are available and the interface is attractive. However, I have not tested it. Some people may have an opinion about this platform, so if you want, do not hesitate to say what you think in the comments.

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8 months ago

there is the completely free bescrib network dedicated to families. To preserve memory is the story of each person in order to pass it on to future generations.

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