Watch RT France live: 14 links and access channels

It is possible to access the RT France channel live with certain operators and on certain online platforms, here are the different channels and links.

Les chaînes RT France et Sputnik subissent actuellement des attaques de censure. Il est possible que certains canaux ne soient pas disponibles.
L’utilisation d’un VPN permet de contourner les restrictions liées à la géolocalisation : see the explanations.

First of all, what is RT France? It's a alternative news television channel to traditional media in France. It is the French-speaking branch of the Russian international news channel RT, formerly known as Russia Today.

RT News deals with the main issues of our time from an angle for viewers who want to know more by raising topics often ignored by the mainstream media to produce content that is out of the ordinary. RT offers an alternative perspective on all major events in the world.

This chain of information, however, very interesting and rewarding unfortunately remains very inaccessible. While it is easy to access this medium through online distribution channels such as Youtube or the RT site directly (links in the next section), it is nevertheless more complicated to find this channel on set-top boxes TV.

Orange TV does not offer this channel by default, but it is possible to add it after a few simple adjustments. Orange, Free and Canal + are the only suppliers to allow access to this channel.

Watch RT France live

RT France is available live on some decoders and on some social media. Here is the list and details to access it.

Site officiel et VK

Voici les liens permettant d’accéder à RT France en live, à partir du site officiel ou de la chaîne VK. Vous y trouverez également les replays.


For the customers Orange, it is necessary to proceed to the following adjustment:

  • Access to Menu > my settings > my TV channels
  • Go to free access channels then click OK to start the search
  • When the search is complete, click finish Or on select channels . This last option allows you to choose which channels to add, among the found channels.
  • You can now watch RT France through the channels below

In Orange RT France is available on channel number 841. You can also access other channels of the RT group, through the following channels:

  • RT HD: channel 839
  • RT: channel 844
  • RT Spain HD: channel 840 and channel 842
  • RT Spain: channel 843
  • RT France HD: channel 841


At the operator Free RT France is available on channel number 362 (formerly 359). There is, a priori, no particular step to be taken. The Free decoder is normally already configured to receive the channel.

Only the RT France channel is available from Free. The other channels of the RT group are not accessible from a Free decoder.

Source: List of TV channels on the Freebox (official document)

Canal+ and MyCanal

Rt France is also available live with the Canal + offer. Here are the channels depending on your installation:

  • With the Canal + decoder: channel 176
  • With Canal + on your TNT decoder: channel 180

These channels are only available by Satellite.

You can also find RT France live on the Canal+ online streaming platform: MyCanal

Sources: Canal + numbering and Canal + numbering on TNT

RT France is available on

watch it

Watch on Watch It

And still others

  • FRANSAT: channel 55
  • TNTSAT AFRICA: channel 106
  • Yahlive (Maghreb)
  • Astra 19.2
  • Eutelsat 16A
  • Eutelsat 5 West B

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