ils croivent / ils croient – que je voie / que je vois / que je voye

Despite the very frequent use of these different forms, some are incorrect. ils croivent/ils croient, que je voie/que je vois/que je voye. What do you think are the correct forms?

The amalgam between these different forms is very common in the oral use of the language. Listen around you and you will hear these mistakes in French.

ils croivent / ils croient

In oral it is very common to hear ils croivent. This conjugation of the verb croire is however wrong.

It's a mistake that a French teacher or an automatic proofreader would not let through. And this is confirmed by theAcadémie française (croivent/croient)

So we have to say ils croient

que je voie / que je vois / que je voye

Similarly for the verb voir, despite a deep-rooted habit that goes back a long way, to say que je voye, this form is false and must be corrected by que je voie

This is valid for the singular, and the third person plural of the subjunctive.
You have to say : que je voie, que tu voies, qu’il voie, que nous voyions, que vous voyiez, qu’ils voient
And no : que je voye, que tu voyes, qu’il voye, qu’ils voyent

Do not confuse the present subjunctive (présent du subjonctif) with the present tense (présent de l’indicatif) where the "e" are replaced by "s"

Present of the indicative: I see, you see, it sees, we see, you see, they see Present of the subjunctive: that I see, that you see, that it sees, that it sees, that we see, that you see, see, see

Académie française (que je voie/que je voye)

These errors were parodied

The newspaper Le Gorafi even made a parody in 2014:
The French Academy finally validates "Ils croivent" and "Faut qu’on voye"

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