20 Twitter operators to refine your searches

Twitter's search bar is a powerful tool. Here are the essential operators to know to use it well.

For each of the operators, called Twitter Search Operators in English, you will find an explanation and an example in the form of a link, on which you can click, to try it live.

Operators are infinitely combinable.

The basic operators

Here are the basic operators.

Twitter account

To search for a particular account or to search for tweets where this account is mentioned, you must add a @ in front of the username of the account in question.

Example : @Twitter


To search for tweets that contain a particular hashtag, simply put the hashtag preceded by #.

Example : #snow

Advanced Operators

To deepen a search, there are operators that add conditions in the search. Here are the most important.

Exact Phrase

To search for an exact term made up of several words, put these words between quotation marks.

Example : “flower garden”

Contains two or more terms

To obtain results that contain two or more terms, regardless of the order, simply write the terms without any particular formatting.

Example : flower garden

Exclude a word

When performing a search, you can choose to exclude all results that contain a particular word. To do this, you must add a - before the word to exclude.

Example : “flower garden” -fountain

Contains either term

You can decide that the results contain one of two or more terms. To do this, we must separate these terms by GOLD.

Example : garden OR fountain

Unknown word

When you no longer remember a word in an expression or when you want to search for all the variants of this expression by replacing the word with another, you must put a * instead of the word in question. To force the search for the exact phrase, don't forget to add quotes.

Example : “look for noon at *hours”

Specific operators

There are other types of separators that can target characteristics related to tweets, such as date, location and many more. Here are the main ones.


To search for tweets from a date, use since: followed by the date in English (YEAR-MONTH-DAY)

Example : bitcoin since:2022-11-01

To search up to a certain date, you must put until: followed by the date in English.

Example : bitcoinuntil:2022-11-01

To search between two dates, you must combine the two previous operators.

Example : bitcoin since:2008-07-01 until:2009-06-30


To find tweets that were posted by a particular Twitter account, just type in your search term and add from: followed by the username of the account you want to target.

Example : seo from:Google

It is also possible to do the reverse by searching for tweets that were not posted by this account, using -from: followed by the username.

Example : seo-from:Google


It is possible to search for tweets that are intended for a particular account. To do this, add to: followed by the name of the target account.

Example : twitter files to:ElonMusk


To search for tweets in a particular language, add after your search language: followed by the language code. The language code must be 2 characters long. List of codes.

Example : search engine optimization lang:es


To make tweets posted from a location stand out, add near: location tracking.

Example : flower near:marseille

You can also set the distance around this location by adding after within: followed by distance (in km or mi).

Example : flower near:marseille within:5km

Tweet popularity

You can search for tweets by their number of replies, adding min_replies: followed by the minimum number of desired responses.

Example : foot min_replies:1000

The same is possible for the minimum number of times a tweet has been added to favorites (bookmarks), with min_faves:

Example : football min_faves:1000

Attached object

This very powerful function allows you to filter by type of object attached to a tweet. add filter: of the desired type.

Example : html filter:images

List of filters:

  • safe: display non-sensitive tweets.
  • media: display tweets containing an image or video.
  • native_video: Show tweets containing a downloaded video, Amplify, Periscope, or Vine video.
  • periscope: contains Periscope video
  • vine: contains a Vine video
  • images: contains one or more photos

interrogative tweet

To make tweets that ask a question about a topic stand out, add a interrogation point at the end of the query.

Example : Google ?

Positive tweet

To make positive tweets stand out, add : ) at the end of the query.

Example : Google : )

Note: do not put a space between the colon and the parenthesis, I put one here to prevent it from displaying an emoji

Negative tweet

To make positive tweets stand out, add : ( at the end of the query.

Example : Google : (

Note: do not put a space between the colon and the parenthesis, I put one here to prevent it from displaying an emoji


You can search for tweets containing a URL that itself contains a particular keyword as follows: add url: followed by the keyword.

Example : seo url:marketing

Example by combining operators

Context :

Let's admit that I wonder to what extent the OpenClassrooms school acts for the training and the job market for women. So I decide to go on Twitter and do a search through recent posts from Openclassrooms. Here is the search I am doing:

Query : women from:OCFrance since:2022-01-01 filter:images (click to see results)


  • I'm looking for the termwomen
  • I only display tweets posted by OpenClassrooms”from:OCFrance
  • with a date greater than January 1, 2022 “since:2022-01-01
  • and for fun I decide to display only the images “filter:images“.

Well I admit I wanted to advertise them, as I like the philosophy of this school, and if it can motivate some to get into digital and tech... 😜

I hope these tips will help you take full advantage of the potential of Twitter's search bar.

Source and full list: Search operators (Twitter Documentation)

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