Blablacar: optimize your ad

Even if it is quite rare not to find passengers on Blablacar, it is important to know how to optimize your advertisement so as to create the highest traffic.

Optimization of the Blablacar profile

An optimized ad goes through an optimized profile. That is a profile that inspires confidence and shows a good image of the driver. Of course, it is not a question of making a false profile. It is necessary that the profile puts you in value while remaining honest.

The more complete your profile, the more potential passengers can get an idea of who you are and therefore be confident. To do this, you must complete several points in your profile:

Personal information (mini-bio) : give a quick description of yourself. Your description should explain to passengers why they should choose you as their driver. You must therefore give details about your person: who you are, if you are used to carpooling, which motivates you to carpooling. The goal is to gain confidence in the visitors of your ad, while remaining honest in its presentation.

Some examples of cool mini-bios:

Example of a nice mini-bio for Blablacar: Currently studying foreign languages, I regularly travel from Cholet to Nantes. I suggest you accompany me during my journeys to allow me to reduce my expenses.
Example 1: Student presentation
Example of a nice mini-bio for Blablacar: Hello everyone, I am a professional photographer and I frequently travel to different places across France. So I'm used to carpooling whenever the opportunity arises. This allows me to discover new people and the road seems much shorter to me. See you soon Louis.
Example 2: Professional presentation

Profile picture : we should not judge by the head, nevertheless that is what we take into account in the absence of dialogue with the person or for lack of information about him. It is therefore important to put one. A profile that has a photo is more chosen than a profile that does not have one.

Preferences : indicate if you like to chat, if the smell of cigarettes bothers you, the same for music and animals.

Checks : validate your email address, telephone number and identity document. You can also connect your account Facebook and LinkedIn to increase your reputation. Finally, read and sign the charter of good conduct.

Optimizing the Blablacar ad

To optimize an ad there are several details that you don't necessarily think about. However, these details play a considerable role for visitors. Here are the points you can improve.

Adjust departure time : your departure time must be different from that of other announcements present for the same journey. This avoids directly competing with other drivers.
Your departure time should preferably be earlier than that of others. So your ad will be displayed higher in the list of search results (because the ads are classified by default by departure time).

Add stopover cities : add the major stopover cities on your route. Because it is always more profitable to have passengers just on a portion of the journey than not at all.

Adjust the price : set the price of your trip one euro below that of other similar trips. Your ad will get more attention. Likewise, it is better to earn one euro less on a journey than nothing at all.

Give details : add a short description to your trip. You can give more details on the journey. For my part, I often indicate in this description the meeting places for each stage city.

To be reactive : stay available to quickly answer visitors' questions.

When you have made your journey, do not hesitate to leave a comment to your passenger if the journey was pleasant. Otherwise, judge for yourself, but it is often useless to spoil his profile with a bad comment.

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