Hi Dollars: Whitepaper 2.0, what's changing

Recently, a new Whitepaper has just been published. This Whitepaper 2.0 completely changes the way Hi Dollars works, I explain in this article all the changes and how you will be impacted.

Unlocking Daily Rewards

Previously when I wrote my articles on Hi Dollars, the major argument for joining the adventure was to be able to win Hi Dollars for free. These rewards were then blocked for a period of 1 year before they could be withdrawn.

With Whitepaper 2.0, from March 1, 2022, this operation is totally modified. Now it will be mandatory to have at least 100 Hi into their Vault and/or Earnings accounts for the rewards to be unlocked.
To have 100 Hi on your flexible account, two solutions are possible:

  • Buy Hi Dollars, two solutions with payment by credit card or with cryptos:
    • Purchase at market price: currently 100 Hi is worth 32$ (January 2022). The Hi Dollars are then transferred directly to the flexible account. They must therefore be spent in earnings by choosing a blocking period with higher or lower interest depending on the duration.
    • Purchase with a blocking period of one year. By opting for this solution, the purchase price is lower: 100 Hi cost 21.45$. It is possible either to choose a daily release, or to release the entire sum at the end of the duration.
  • Earn Hi Dollars in games using its rewards.

Each month, the sum of rewards transferred will be proportional to the sum of Hi of the vault and earnings balances. If the first month you have 100 Hi in earnings, then 100 Hi in rewards will be unlocked. The following month, you will have 100 Hi + 100 Hi so 200 Hi will be unlocked, and so on.
Only the rewards of referrals who have validated the level 1 KYC as well as the rewards claimed personally will be transferable.
Any rewards not unlocked 1 year after you claimed your first reward will be burned from your account.
Unlocked rewards will be transferred to the Vault, where they will be locked for 1 year with daily unlocking.

Continue to collect your reward every day

Previously, it was enough to answer a question daily to recover 1 Hi. With the Whitepaper 2.0, you will have to meet certain conditions to be able to claim them:

  • Invite at least 1 friend every 7 days
  • For new members: less than 14 days after registration, validate level 1 KYC within 30 days after registration, deposit at least the equivalent of 25$


First of all, it is important to know that this new Whitepaper was not only decided by the creators of Hi Dollars, but also by the people who bought Hi.

Like many, I was very disappointed with these changes. Sponsorship will become very complicated since the argument of free is no longer valid. However, this change is made with the aim of stabilizing the crypto to not only have people coming to collect the rewards. So, for the HI project, this new whitepaper is a good thing.

For members who have already created their account before this Whitepaper and who have accumulated daily rewards, you still have a hope of recovering your rewards without investing, thanks to the games. However, for new members, if you want to use Hi Dollars, it will be mandatory to invest.

By writing this article, I only inform you of the latest news. By no means is it my intention to tell you if you should buy Hi Dollars. You are free to invest or not, and I advise you to find out if you decide to do so.

Hi Dollars 2021 review

  • Listed on Uniswap, PancakeSwap and ZB.com
  • Reaching 3 million users
  • Establishment of interest (APY) for holders of non-reward Hi
  • Implementation of a reward system based on the number of Hi held in flexible, safe and earnings accounts

Expectations for 2022

  • Setting up trading with Hi Dollars
  • Setting up a debit card Hi
  • More profits
  • And many more to come more precisely

More information about what's new: https://resources.hi.com/updates-on-rewards-claim-and-distribution
Feel free to ask for help in the comments of this article if you have any questions.

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2 years ago

Thank you it helped me to understand

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