Make money at home with Appen

Make money at home it is possible with Appen. This platform offers well-paid assignments with flexible hours. I tested it for a few months, here is my opinion.

Before giving you my opinion and my feedback, I will present the platform and what it offers so that you better understand what it is.

Discover Appen

Appen was created in 1996 by Julie Vonwiller and its head office is located in Australia. This publicly traded company aims to provide high quality digital data to companies that need it. To succeed it collaborates with more than a million freelancers worldwide.

More specifically, Appen offers missions which consist in producing or analyzing data with the aim of developing and perfecting machine learning or artificial intelligence systems.

It looks complicated said like that but in reality it is very simple and the system is well done.

Here are some types of missions that can be found on Appen

  • Analyze search engine results to help improve relevance
  • Record voice commands to help develop voice recognition for a connected speaker
  • Translate a platform

These jobs are flexible depending on your availability. For small projects, the number of hours to work per week can vary from 4h to 12h. For larger projects, the number of hours can range from 8 to 40 hours.

Translation of the video
- Are you motivated and looking for a job that allows you to reconcile professional and private life?
- At Appen, we create jobs as unique as you and we offer you the flexibility to work when and where you want.
- Whether you want to spend more time with your family, manage a business or obtain a diploma, our flexible and remote projects offer you the possibility of working on your own terms.
- Appen offers a different way of working and, for 20 years, we have established partnerships with technology companies working in more than 130 countries and in more than 180 languages.
- If you are wondering how it works, it's simple: you apply online and our team is looking for projects that match your skills.
- This can be a collaboration with social media platforms or search engines. The work is interesting and flexible remote hours allow you to create the life you want. Our freelancers travel the world and set their own pace of work and life.
- Join the community and apply today!

My experience

I discovered Appen in October last year. So it's been 6 months since I tested the platform.

My file was validated about a week after my registration. The first projects available were in English. Then quickly projects in French arrived. New missions are added regularly.

In one of the first projects I worked on, I had to record voice commands. These voice samples were used to develop the voice recognition system of a connected speaker.
On another project, the mission was to search for the most relevant sites for a given search term. On another, I had to assess the relevance of the results of an online mapping service.

These missions took me around 10 hours / week. I found it rather interesting and easy to achieve.

I also tried to participate in larger missions, but for some I was not accepted and for others my application is still pending.

Good points

  • there are a lot of missions and news is frequently added
  • schedules are flexible
  • the remuneration is correct: around € 10.50 net per hour, this can vary from one project to another

Negative points

  • some projects take time to start providing work
  • depending on the days and the progress of the projects, there is not always work available
  • there are not many missions for francophones, but I have the impression that they add more and more

The necessary equipment

To work with Appen, you don't need a lot of equipment. Most of us already have what it takes 😉

  • A computer
  • An Internet connection
  • Google Chrome browser (recommended for Appen to work properly)

In some specific missions, you may be asked to work on a particular operating system or type of device. In other cases, it may be asked to register on a social network, if the mission aims to improve it.

How to register

The procedure for working with Appen:

  1. See you on the Appen registration page and select your language.
  2. On the second page, you are asked for further information on the languages you speak. You must indicate your primary language and the country in which you learned it. You can also add other languages by indicating the level of knowledge that you have written and spoken. To finish, you must check the last box if you are a translator or if you have a few years of experience in this field. This information will allow Appen to suggest relevant missions that match your skills.
  3. On the last page, you are asked for legal information about yourself in order to complete your administrative file. You will be asked for your name, address, CV and education level, as well as your level of experience in translation, transcription, proofreading and evaluation of search engines.

When your account has been validated by Appen, you will be able to access the available missions and register for projects. For some projects, it is necessary to take a test and / or give additional information on your skills and / or the equipment you have. When you are accepted into a project, you will receive instructions by email.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have other questions, ask me in the comments, I will be happy to answer you 😉

  • Do you need a special status to work at Appen?

    To use Appen, you must either be self-employed (now called micro-entrepreneur) or either be a business.

  • How to report Appen income?

    If you are a micro-entrepreneur, you just have to declare your income on the Urssaf website during the monthly or quarterly declaration. You will then return approximately 25% of your income to the state.

  • What is the average salary?

    Most missions are offered with an hourly rate of $ 16 per hour. Which makes about 14.50 euros an hour after conversion, then about € 10.50 net per hour after having declared and paid the contributions to Urssaf.
    You will also find missions paid by the task, in this case the remuneration is very variable, it depends on the projects.

About the Author

I am very interested in technology, music, environmental issues, and various other subjects. By developing the Current Trends blog, my goal is to share with you my knowledge, my discoveries and my tips on the various subjects that fascinate me. Leave me comments, it helps me to improve myself and it makes me happy: D

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10 months ago

Hello, I just signed up I can't wait to get an answer

9 months ago

Bonjour pour l’entretien c’est en français ou en anglais ?

8 months ago

How to get a level 3 badge

8 months ago

Je suis inscris depuis hier mais je ne vois aucune tâche n’est disponible jusqu’alors. je fais comment

Last edited 8 mois il y a by Hubert
7 months ago

Bonjour, je me suis inscrite plusieurs fois sur Appen et chaque fois j’obtiens un message d’erreur : la confirmation du mot de passe n’est pas correct. J’ai bien du recommencer cinq fois et ce message revient toujours.
Does this mean that I am not eligible? I never managed to open an account.

6 months ago

Hello Romain,

je me questionne sur le contrat de travail, peut on commencer et arrêter quand on veut, si l’on ne va pas au bout des heures que se passe t’il ?

6 months ago

Bonjour, j’aimerais tellement travail dans ce domaine comme auto-entrepreneur mais à chaque fois que je me connecte alors j’ai reçu rien comme mission.
Je viens de Madagascar et je ne sais pas si c’est à cause de cela que j’ai pas pu recevoir des missions.
What should I do please?

5 months ago

Hello, how do I prepare my CV to apply for appen if I don't have a profession yet.

Messanga ARMEL
Messanga ARMEL
2 months ago

Bonjour he suis deja inscris sur la platforme et j’ai même déjà reçu des tâches mais je ne sais pas comment commencer

2 months ago

moi j’ai déjà un compte sur appen, mais je ne vois pas comment travailler avec , comment procéder pour travailler chez appen?

Coulibaly yaya
Coulibaly yaya
2 months ago

Salut comment va? Est ce que étant au Burkina je peut le fair

25 days ago

je me suis inscrit plus d’une semaine mais je suis toujours au niveau zero. j’avais auparavant rempli les questionnaires mais plus de suite. Normalement le niveau c’est de remplir les questionnaires. Si malgré le fait que j’ai répondu à toutes ces questions et je suis toujours au niveau zéro, qu’il me montre de nouveau les questionnaires je vais remplir

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