Hi Dollars: step-by-step registration and KYC

Recently, I wrote an article introducing a new cryptocurrency called Hi Dollars.
To be able to win Hi Dollars for free, you must register. I explain in this article the procedure to follow:

IMPORTANT NOTE : the operation of Hi Dollars has been modified by the publication of Whitepaper 2.0. I advise you to read this article : Hi Dollars: Whitepaper 2.0, what's changing
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Registration Steps

In order to register, a referral link is required. If you follow the one below, it should work. However, if you are asked for a referral code, enter "Matheo".
Important: you must be of age to register.

  • Go to the page: https://hi.com/Matheo
  • Choose a platform on which to claim your Hi: the Hi app (available on iOS and Android), Telegram or WhatsApp
hi.com home page

You must then follow the instructions given by the bot.

  • Click on "Start"
  • Choose language
  • Click on the button to share your phone number
  • Enter your nickname (letters and numbers, no accent)
  • You can then claim your 1 Hi reward every day
Hi Dollars registration with the bot

Refer your friends to earn more Hi Dollars

By claiming the daily reward each day, you earn 1 Hi Dollars. It is possible to earn more by referring your friends. For each person you refer, you earn 0.5 Hi Dollars per day.

To do this, you must send them your referral link which looks like this: “https://hi.com/VotrePseudo”. Don't forget to replace “Your Nickname” with your own nickname. Another possibility is to invite your friends to go on hi.com, without a referral link, and then tell them to enter your nickname when you register on the bot.

KYC identity verification

To be able to keep your Hi Dollars, it is necessary to carry out the KYC (Know Your Client) verification before August 2022. Two levels of KYC exist and allow for different functionalities. To keep the balance of Hi Dollars, the KYC level 1 is sufficient. The second level is more advanced and requires proof of residence. The KYC level 2 will be necessary to take advantage of the functionalities linked to the banking project.

For KYC level 1

  • You have to go to the Web app
  • Click on the Hi round
  • Click on "Parameters"
  • KYC
  • Send a picture of your ID card front and back side
  • Take a selfie

After sending these elements, you must wait a few days for the verification to be validated.

If you have any problem with registration or identity verification, please feel free to ask for help in the comments section of this article.

About the Author

My name is Mathéo, currently a sport university student, I am committed to the cause of environmental protection. I hope that by writing articles that present new things, I will be able to help you to reduce your ecological footprint.

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