GJ-France: an application for the people

The movement of the Yellow Vests is gradually settling in different forms. A group of volunteer yellow vests has developed the GJ-France application, allowing, among other things, matching and accounting of active yellow vests and people who support the movement.

– March 12, 2019: The application is no longer available on the Play Store, we try to contact the developers for more information
– October 24, 2019: We still have no answer

GJ-France under development

GJ-France, launched on January 18, 2019, is still in its infancy. Indeed the application is pretty empty of functionality and life, but could quickly be successful.

The few features already present are quite well thought out but are not always very functional. Indeed, we find there some slight more or less random bugs which are in principle solved at the restart of the application.

GJ-France is only available on Android on the Play Store (link) for the moment and will arrive later on iOS.

To use this application, it is necessary to create an account. The creation is fast and only requires a username and password.

The functions of GJ-France

Support for the Yellow Vests movement : The application counts the number of supports for the Yellow Vests movement, you can decide to add yourself to the list of supports, and you withdraw when you want it. The application insists that you are free to change your mind according to the evolution of the events. So you can see in real time the number of supports.

Active Yellow Vests : on the same principle as the support counter, you can register each day to indicate and see how many Yellow Vests are active. The census is done every eight hours, so as to be more precise about the evolution of the number of assets.

Events to come : a section allows to see the upcoming events by department, and to propose

Tipee : in category Go further, you can donate on the Tipee platform, to support the development of the application

Functions to come

Three main functions are in reflection and will be integrated into future versions of GJ-France

Carpooling : Following feedback from Yellow Vests, developers are thinking about a system of mutual aid and organization for travel

Accommodation : a system for finding or offering accommodation near an event

SOS : a system that would send a loved one an SOS with your location

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