Make money with Boursorama Banque

Boursorama Banque offers you € 80 euros when you register, then € 80 for each sponsorship.

Earn 80 € when you register

For get 80 € when registering, you just need to open an account by following the link above. To fulfill the conditions for obtaining the € 80, you must request a free bank card during the registration process. When your file is completed and validated by Boursorama Banque, you will automatically receive the € 80 in your account.

Opening an account and obtaining the payment card are completely free. However, fees may apply on the bank card if you do not use it for a certain period. I put more info at the bottom of the article.

If you are greedy, you can earn 50 € more by making Boursorama Banque your main bank. Personally, I have never tested this offer so I cannot tell you what the conditions or deadlines are.

If you want even more, you can get 80 € per sponsorship valid. The number of sponsorships is limited to three per month. For those who are interested, I detail you all below.

Earn 80 € for each sponsorship

Boursorama Banque has decided to reward customers who advertise them by offering € 80 for each sponsorship.

You receive € 80 for each godson who becomes a client. In order for your friend to become a customer, he must open an account with Boursorama Banque and order a free credit card. The limit is three sponsorships per month.

Here is the procedure to sponsor:

  1. If you are not already a customer, create an account on the Registration page of Boursorama Banque.
  2. Then go to your Sponsorship space.
  3. Invite friends by link, email, SMS or Facebook. This invitation contains your personal referral link.
  4. Your referral has 20 days to start his online registration and open his bank account.
  5. As soon as your godchild has opened his account, you will receive an email. The rewards for the referrer and godson are automatically credited to your respective accounts.

If you encounter difficulties with sponsorship, you can contact Boursorama Banque customer service, which is very responsive.

Free Card Conditions

For your Boursorama Banque card to be free, you must use it at least once a month to make a payment, regardless of the amount and the country of use. Please note, cash withdrawals are not considered payments. The months in which you make no payment will be billed as follows: 5 euros for Visa Welcome cards or 15 euros for Visa Ultim and Visa Premier cards subscribed after 06/11/2019.

Trick : when your account will be credited with the 80 € offered, keep them preciously and use your Boursorama card once a month to replace your main bank card.

To continue practicing this tip later, you can:
& #8211; invite people around you and receive 40 € per sponsorship (as explained above)
& #8211; transfer some free money from your main bank to your Boursorama account
& #8211; make Boursorama your main bank

To find out more about the free card: Conditions of the free card (official site)

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20 € offered on your French organic products

Get 20 € discount on your French organic products

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